Strategic development and performance improvement

Logistics, supply chain strategy and methods, evolve continuously. Our knowledge, skills, determination and creative outlook make us ideal partners in the development of any business.

The other sections of this website deal with two of our major areas of activity; The provision of purchasing and reordering software and The design relocation or reorganisation of major warehousing operations. The latter also deals with performance enhancement in warehousing.

With many of our clients we often find that our relationship covers a much wider range of issues than these two items. Over a period of years we often end up dealing with most of their logistics and supply chain issues from the development of full company logistics, supply chain, stocking and warehousing strategy, to detail issues in various facets of the operations. In addition, we are often asked to undertake other tasks, and where our analytical expertise and experience can be used in a wide range of situations. To download a brochure of several of our case studies please click here, alternatively, below are links to a sample of case studies where the relationship has been long term and covered a wide range of issues:

These are just a few examples of the types of relationships that we have with our many clients. As will be observed they frequently cover a full era of development. The key facets of our services in all these situations are the same and comprise:

  • Considerable experience in a very wide range of sectors, businesses, and types of operations
  • Very strong analytical skills based on the use of detailed company data
  • The ability to communicate with the shop floor staff, and management to identify the key information that needs to be understood about the business, and to gain this information. Further to confirm that we actually have the correct picture.
  • The use of highly advanced simulation tools to test ideas and concepts in a way that provides very realistic, detailed and reliable insights as to what will actually happen if a particular approach is used.
  • Strong modelling and financial skills to calculate the capital, and operating costs/benefits, of any proposed change.
  • The ability to present the conclusions and recommendations at senior management and board level, gaining commitment to necessary action plans.
  • The experience, knowledge and determination to ensure that change is actually driven through where it's needed. We are never satisfied until we know that the planned result has actually been achieved.

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