Winscope is our reordering and purchasing system that achieves high product availability, minimum stock holdings, lowest purchasing and supply chain costs and controls complex reordering problems. To look at Winscopes overview and achievements brochure pleaseclick here.

How Winscope achieves these results. It:

  • Interfaces fully with the other business systems.
  • Uses sophisticated techniques to dynamically forecast demand, supplier's lead times, safety stock levels and order quantities.
  • Takes account of future known events, long range plans and individual seasonality at a sophisticated level, incorporating overall business forecasts, if required.
  • Schedules ordering for the best performance and minimum acquisition costs from suppliers
  • Generates all necessary purchase orders/requisitions for relevant products on a daily basis. (A wide range of time intervals, at product level, can be used to deal with all the critical issues).
  • Where appropriate, automates the reordering process for products where human intervention is not needed. This removes much of the daily routine workload from the reordering/planning team.
  • Focuses the Purchasers, Replenishers and Planners on the products, with real issues providing them with the detailed information they need to make accurate, sound decisions.
  • Facilitates the control of wide, difficult product ranges where product availability is the key.
    Operates on a multi-tiered basis to control stock holdings of products on several sites.
  • Deals with bills of materials both in planning terms, and issues such as kitting.
  • Transmits Winscope created purchase orders back to the main business system automatically.
  • Tracks and reports on its own performance, recommending set up changes.
  • Records all user interactions for training purposes. Is set up using off line simulation and is heavily supported in the training phases and beyond.

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