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Warehouse location strategy and stock levels

Most of our warehousing projects start with strategic analysis of the potential areas to be served from the company’s warehouses. Such areas may include the domestic United Kingdom, regions such as Europe or be worldwide. (The latter being most frequently the case).

Logistics Development has plenty of experience of carrying out these studies which, unusually focus on all the key issues and not just the more obvious ones of radial transport etc. For more information click here.

Operational design of Warehouses and order processing systems

Usually there is more than one way to store product in a given warehouse. Much will depend on the activity levels that are going to occur. One warehouse might involve high volumes of products being picked into customer/shop orders, another may have relatively low activity levels but a massive product range where easy access is required to all products. In a completely different environment full pallet movements of relatively few products may only occur and the main focus may be on storing as much product as possible whilst paying the smallest possible rent and rates.

Within each of these above options there are many solutions. For more infomation click here.

Project management, warehouse design, development, construction and fit outs

Having identified the ideal requirements the Consultants frequently assist the client, and the clients agents in locating suitable sites or existing buildings that will meet all the needs.

The two lead consultants in Logistics Development have been doing this work since the early eighties, their experience is considerable and the projects always hit quality, cost and time targets.

If it is an existing building the Consultants may work with the clients building services team, or project manage the complete exercise themselves.

Relocation and start-up

It is not unusual for the Consultants to be called in, retrospectively, to assist in situations where relocations have gone wrong. The frequency of such occurrences demonstrates how often these two activities are underestimated by clients (or even 3pl’s). For more information click here.

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